On-Site Assessments

With today's competitive market, it is essential to provide outstanding service and accommodations to your customers. Our on-site assessments aid a hotel in achieving this goal. We offer assessments in the following areas.

On-site Service Standards Assessment

The on-site Service Standards Assessment is a comprehensive customer service assessment evaluating the property’s services, standards, and facilities. The assessment is customized according to the type of property: Full Service Resort; Full Service Hotel; or Limited Service Hotel. We also offer evaluations for stand-alone Restaurants, Lounges, and Spas.

Reports are broken down according to the departments of the hotel. Combined, they make up the overall customer service assessment. The reports are very detailed and supported with photographs where appropriate. In addition they are easily converted into action plans. The finished report also includes a Red Flag list, and an overall summary page.

For more details, contact us at (617) 854-6554.

Hotel Safety & Security Assessment

Our Hotel Safety and Security professionals are specialists in these important areas and understand the dynamics of working with the hotel’s team to improve safety and security during these challenging times.

The Safety and Security Assessment is a combination of a hotel safety assessment and a hotel security assessment in one.  It provides an extensive on-site review of each department’s procedures and facilities. This thorough assessment was compiled and developed from the best Safety and Security practices of a variety of properties. It provides management and ownership with an overview of the current condition of the property, and a precise format for future improvement. Facilities may be certified as a “Safe Lodging Place” when exceeding certain criteria.

Hotel Sales Department Audit and Review

Is your Hotel Sales Department meeting your expectations? The Sales Department Audit and Review is an excellent way to make sure that your sales effort is on track! We have a detailed format that reviews each and every aspect of the sales and catering departments including administration, management, and direct sales. Our written report details the status of the sales department and its direct sales effort. It furnishes recommendations on which areas need to be addressed, and prioritizes these issues for you. This provides you with a working tool to ensure these important departments are set up appropriately to carry out an aggressive and effective marketing effort.

For more details contact us at (617) 854-6554.

On-site Marketing Support

Some hotels have extensive resources from the corporate office level to help support and train at the property level. However, there are times when the support is not readily available, yet the need still exists for assistance at the hotel. Our On-Site Marketing Support services are very personalized to each of our customers. We work with the hotel in evaluating where assistance is needed, and then can work closely creating a plan for on-site support to help the property ensure all systems are in place to ensure an aggressive sales effort is taking place.

For more details on how we can help you or your sales team contact us at (617) 854-6554.

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