Hotel Sales Training

Hospitality Softnet offers a number of different hotel sales training programs; all written specifically for the hospitality industry. They employ terminology and examples pertinent to today's hotel sales environment, allowing your staff to relate to the subject matter and easily absorb the important skills being taught.

On-Site Sales & Catering 101

Our Hotel Sales & Catering 101 training is an excellent way to train new sales personnel and improve your team's basic selling skills. It focuses on the basic steps of the Hotel Sales Process: Greeting, Qualifying, Presenting, Negotiating, Closing, and Follow-up. Additional topics include preparing for the sale and post-call follow-up.

The training incorporates role-playing, utilizing real-life examples and sample audios of the skills being reviewed. The skills are applicable to face-to-face sales, as well as telephone sales, with special emphasis on handling telephone inquiries.

We continue to receive fantastic feedback on the program as it firmly establishes the importance of excellent basic selling skills as the foundation of a strong sales effort.

On-Site Hotel Sales & Catering 102

The next level of sales training is our 3-day Hotel Sales & Catering 102 program. This program is designed for the more advanced sales effort, in which the manager is actually dealing face-to-face with the prospect. The program begins with the very first step of the sales cycle, addressing the skills of effective prospecting via the telephone. We then explore more sophisticated ways to qualify the customer in order to understand their needs more completely. This provides the groundwork for the module on creating an outstanding presentation that will outsell the competition. Additional topics covered include adapting to the customer's particular style and needs, as well as selling against the competition strategies.

Director of Sales One on One Training

The Director of Sales plays a critical role in ensuring the sales effort stays on target to meet the hotel’s budgeted goals and revenues. Often great sales people are promoted to the Director of Sales position. However, without having previous experience as the manager of the department a great sales person may not be as prepared to be a great DOS.

Our one-on-one training helps provide the tools and resources to ensure your DOS will be successful in managing the team and managing the sales effort.

Hotel Reservation Sales Training

Our Reservation Sales Training is a one-day program designed to improve the skills of your Reservation Agents, allowing them to provide the highest level of customer service, while increasing the revenues of the hotel.

Although Reservation Agents may not be called "Sales Managers", they are responsible for booking and generating considerable revenues in transient room sales. As such, selling is an important part of their jobs. When properly trained, they can actively contribute to building repeat business and generating increased room revenues. They can also set the stage for a great hotel experience for all incoming guests. Topics covered in this one-day program include:

  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Market Conditions & Competition
  • How to Effectively Qualify
  • Presenting the Rate
  • Overcoming Price Resistance
  • Use of Fallback Rates
  • Up Selling
  • Closing the Sale
  • Recapping the Sale

The hotel reservation sales training is supported with audiotapes of interactions with actual reservation agents to show real-life examples of the sales skills being discussed. Role-playing and written exercises are also a part of this one-day program, helping the participants to apply the concepts that they are learning in the training program.

One-on-One Telephone Coaching Calls

Our One-on-One Telephone Call Training is a very cost effective means to provide additional training and support to your sales, catering, and reservations teams. These calls can address individuals, or the entire team. We offer 12 different topics including: The Sales Process, The Reservation Sales Process, Qualifying, Presenting, Handling Objections, Closing, Getting Through the Gatekeeper, Goal Setting and Prospecting. Conference Call Training also provides a means for your team to ask any questions they may have regarding the shopping program and the skills on which they are being evaluated. It is a positive tool introducing the program to your hotel in a manner that makes the participants feel comfortable. It is also a good method to provide follow-up training sessions.

Conference Call Training sessions can be scheduled on an as needed basis, or they can be scheduled monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly to provide personalized ongoing support throughout the year. It is an excellent way to ensure that your team receives ongoing training.

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