As a recognized industry leader in hotel sales training, the Hospitality Softnet Sales Prospecting Training Program is a detailed review of how to prepare for highly effective prospecting calls.  Designed to capture attention through the use of script guidelines and enticing hooks, this dynamic program also includes important topics such as power statements and power questions to better engage your prospects. The program will give your hotel sales team the needed confidence and support to make powerful prospecting calls and uncover new business.


Our industry proven prospecting sales training program covers all the important aspect of how to develop written sales goals and set expectations, as well as how to implement and monitor these goals. This on-site class includes real-life appointment call role-plays.


In addition, prospect sales training addresses how to utilize proper planning and scripting to make successful prospecting calls.  Upon completion your managers and hotel sales staff will have a detailed understanding and effective plan on how to gain success when prospecting for new business.



Hospitality Softnet’s Sales Prospecting Program teaches hotel sales teams how to:

  • ✓ Be fully prepared for success.
  • ✓ Establish and monitor goals
  • ✓ Maximize prospecting calls
  • ✓ Maximize prospecting time
  • ✓ Increase your response rate
  • ✓ Get more referrals and create results


For more information on Sales Prospecting Training – Contact: Lisa Richards, Partner at: – or Call: 904-230-4568