Quality Assurance Test Calls

Hospitality Softnet offers a variety of shopping services to ensure that your team is providing top-notch service to your customers. We also offer shopping services to help evaluate your competition as well as potential new hires.  These services are an excellent way to enhance your hotels sales training.

Our team of experienced shoppers have all held sales positions in the hospitality industry. They understand how to act as a realistic customer, and know what to look for when evaluating the effective use of selling skills.

Sales and Catering Test Calls

Our Quality Assurance Shopping Program for Sales and Catering is a terrific complement to your own ongoing sales training. On a year-round basis, we provide you and your staff with positive training tools that will help fine-tune individual selling skills.

Hospitality Softnet has an extensive mystery shopping platform unmatched by anyone else in the industry. Critical to the success of a mystery shop is having identities that provide the ability to interact with the hotel like a real customer would.  All of our identities have the ability to accept return phone calls.  They also have email addresses and web sites with real domain names that match the organization who is contacting the hotel.  We can evaluate how your team interacts with potential customers in a real-life selling environment.

Selling via the internet and via telephone is an common way to book business. We offer two program options to choose from that assist you in monitoring how your incoming inquiries are being handled. Our program will help you evaluate the sales and catering team member's selling skills for less than the cost of a typical roomnight.   The following are two professional series to choose from, each with two report format options.


..... Professional Training Series

The Pro Training Series is our most popular option.  This series is ideal for hotels who wish to not only monitor their sales and catering team's selling efforts, but also want to provide an ongoing training resource year-round to their team. 

A hotel's investment in their sales and catering team is incredibly extensive.  The Pro Training Series will work in conjunction with your standards and with any of your internal training efforts to ensure your investment in your team pays off.  It will help monitor in detail how your team sells and responds to incoming inquiries whether via phone or via the internet. 

However, the Pro Training Series is not just a monitoring tool.  It is also a resource that provides additional training support throughout the year. Rarely do sales managers learn and apply 100% of their training provided by the hotel. The reports in this series help continue to train and support your training efforts throughout the year.  It is also not uncommon for a sales person to have strengths, as well as areas of opportunity where they need to further develop their selling skills.  This series will help them in this important training area to make them the best at what they do so they can outsell the competition.

Two report options are available to choose from.  They include our Premier Pro Points and our Pro Points formats. The calls and reports are completed by industry seasoned veterans who truly understand hotel sales.  They have the ability to be a realistic customer posing as any market segment, yet at the same time is experienced in providing good coaching and training feedback.  We will be happy to provide more details on these options upon request.


.....Professional Feedback Series

We realize that in some instances a hotel is most interested in monitoring how their sales and catering team is selling and relating to their customer when dealing with an inquiry. This way they can quickly and easily monitor their standards are being maintained, and can see how an inquiry is handled from the customer's perspective.

The Feedback Series is an incredibly cost effective option that helps you monitor your team's selling efforts in how they respond to incoming inquiries whether they come in via the internet or via the telephone.  This series also has two different report options to choose from including the Express Points and the Check Points formats.  These reports can be customized to ensure they monitor the skills you have established as your standards.  This way they can be an effective tool to measure your team's effectiveness in handling inquiries and at the same time will reinforce the expectations you have established for them.

You won't sacrifice the quality of the services with this option and a number of the special features and benefits offered in our Professional Training Series are also available in the Feedback Series.  More details can be provided upon request.



Reservation Test Calls

Agents and desk clerks handle hundreds of inquiries over the course of the year. How well they understand and use basic selling skills can greatly impact your room revenues and ADR.

ListenIn provides a tool to ensure that your team is selling effectively and maintaining high levels of customer service. It is also an excellent means of monitoring how your yield management program is working. Are your agents trying to get the best rates as possible? Are they actively closing? Are your booking guidelines being sold properly for special event dates?

ListenIn can be a customized program to meet each of our client's individual needs.  It will help you answer all of these questions and more.

Competition Test Calls

Hospitality Softnet offers Competitive Intelligence Briefs to assist hotels in knowing what their competition is doing today.

Three different Intelligence Brief formats are available. Included are: Group, Transient, and Internet pricing. To customize the information to your needs, you determine which competitors and dates will be researched. A spreadsheet is then produced comparing the pricing for all hotels researched. The information will help with your marketing and pricing strategies and assist with the proper positioning of your hotel. This convenient, cost-effective tool, supplies pricing information quickly so you can react to changing market conditions in a timely manner.

If you are interested in seeing how your competition sells and responds to potential business, consider one of our extensive shopping reports to provide this insight.

CVB Test Calls

If your hotel relies upon your Convention and Visitors Bureau as a resource for leads and bookings, consider shopping the CVB to see how they are selling your city, and specifically your hotel. How do they respond to competing cities, and how do they represent other hotels within the marketplace? This insight can help ensure that your CVB is actively selling your hotel and destination to all potential inquiries.

Potential Sales Candidate Test Calls

Many sales people can do a good job in "selling themselves" during an interview. However, equally important is how well they actually sell to the customer and if they have experienced any hotel sales training. Our Potential Sales Candidate test calls are a great way to see firsthand how effective your potential sales person is when dealing with an inquiry. Do they qualify enough? Are they selling or just telling about the hotel? How aggressive are they when following up and closing the sale? Our report will help you answer these important questions before you take the final step of hiring them.

Operations & Administration Test Calls

The guest experience begins from the first moment the telephone is answered. Hotels that are committed to providing a favorable first impression and high levels of service look not only at their sales and reservations teams, but also at the support staff that assists them. Our Administration and Operational shops will help you evaluate and monitor how your sales assistants, PBX operators, and concierge staff are interacting with your customers.

For more details, contact us at (617) 854-6554.

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