The Team. Teleprospecting Services. By Hospitality Softnet.


Lead Generation Service to increase Hotel Revenue

Virtual Sales Manager Coverage

Experienced hotel sales support with proven results set the stage for future sales 

Cost Effective Alternative to a Full Time Sales Manager!


  • Keep Client Relationships Active
  • Aggressive Outbound Selling
  • Assistance with Processing Inquiries

Professional Teleprospecting for Hotel Sales:

Hospitality Softnet professionally complements your direct sales effort with our cost-effective, results oriented Teleprospecting Services. Using theTeam is a perfect way to ensure that an aggressive hotel prospecting effort is in place and that you are generating maximum sales.

Book More Business This Year:

theTeam is highly skilled and trained in the nuances of selling a hotel and its varied services. So that your internal sales team can focus on qualified leads, our industry proven hospitality teleprospecting services can be used on an ongoing or ad hoc basis, to supplement and increase your hotel’s sales.

• Ensure an ongoing teleprospecting effort producing qualified leads for your sales team.

• Update past account files and generate new business.

• Kick off a new promotion.

• Maintain a strong sales effort during times of turnover to minimize costly down time.

• Ensure that important lead sources are not overlooked due to lack of available manpower.

• Help kick-start the sales effort during pre-opening.

• Announce new reservation or brand changes.

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