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Telephone Coaching Calls
With Experienced Hospitality Trainers

Convenient Virtual Training for Sales and Reservations

We offer the convenience of learning from your own office with our Telephone Coaching Calls. On these calls we meet via telephone with the sales team to conduct personal group as well as one-on-one training by an experienced Hospitality Sales Trainer.

During a conference call we review the report and the skills that are being evaluated. Training materials are provided in advance and it is web based as well. This provides verbal personalized training and also gives the participants an opportunity to ask any questions they might have on the criteria or the program.

We have 13 separate topics available, with one being the Overview of the Sales Process. However, in some instances we find that a hotel will want to focus in more detail on one aspect of the Sales Process and the various topics provide the ability to do so. For example, different coaching calls are available.

• Preparing for the Call and Greeting

• Effective Qualifying Skills

• Effective Presentation Skills

• Overcoming Objections to Win the Sale

• Effective Closing Skills

• Selling Against the Competition

• Using LinkedIn as a Sales Resource

• Prospecting Skills

• Upselling

• Selling to the Jewish Market

• Selling to the Eastern Wedding Market

• Effective and Creative Proposals

• Time Management

• Goal Setting

• Getting Through the Gatekeeper and Selling to VITO

• Overview of the Reservation Sales Process

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