Pro Shop. A Training Tool. By Hospitality Softnet.

A Valuable Tool to Measure Your Managers Prospecting Skills

Prospecting Mystery Shop

The traditional Sales Mystery Shop is a potential customer calling the hotel to inquire about booking a piece of business. However, our Prospecting Shop takes a different approach.

For this shop we evaluate a manager’s skill in conducting an outgoing prospecting call.

determine your

team’s strengths

We work confidentially with the appropriate contact at the hotel to get the prospects name and phone number to the sales person. The “clock starts ticking” once we know the manager has received this information.

Our mystery shopper then waits for the call, first evaluating the time it took for the call to be received from the time the contact name was given to the manager. We then go through the prospecting call and evaluate the manager’s qualifying and presentation skills.

The test call also evaluates the written materials and collateral sent to the prospect as well as the timeliness of this step. The Prospecting Shop is a great way to determine your team’s strengths and areas of opportunity in the important area of outgoing direct sales efforts.


Our Mystery Shopping Program for Hotel Sales and Catering is a terrific complement to your own ongoing sales training. On a year-round basis, we provide you and your staff with positive training tools that will help fine-tune individual selling skills.

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