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Tailored Coaching Calls

Professional One-on-One Training Customized to the Participant

Tailored Coaching Calls (TCC) for hotel sales, catering and reservations provide in-depth training and detailed feedback on specific shop calls. Your hotel will determine a desired benchmark score. Anytime a shop score falls below that benchmark, we will then arrange the one-on-one TCC.

These calls are made in a very positive manner by experienced hotel trainers, and provide the personalized training to improve the sales performance of the individual.

TCC calls for hotel sales and catering last between 20 and 30 minutes, with reservations calls lasting approximately 10 to 15 minutes. To ensure the person being coached is actively using the training, a follow-up shop call may also be requested. Targeting specific hotel sales areas, Tailored Coaching Calls are a fabulous way to ensure the shop program is being used to its maximum effectiveness as a hotel sales training tool.

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