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Accurate and Reliable Intelligence on Your Competitive Set

Group Rate Intelligence Briefs

Hospitality Softnet Group Rate Intelligence Briefs are a recap of group pricing for your hotel and the competitive set for a specific piece of business.

You determine the dates, type of inquiry, and competitive set. We then shop all the properties for the same piece of business and recap the pricing quoted for room rates, room rentals, as well as starting breakfast, lunch, session and dinner pricing.

You can then see how your hotel is positioned when customers are considering multiple options. Any concessions the competitive set offers will be outlined. Additionally, there is a Variance Report that helps you quickly determine how each property compares in all categories shopped.

Know Your Market Condition



Hospitality Softnet LNR Rate Intelligence Briefs are an excellent resource in learning how your hotel is positioned to the competitive set for Local Negotiated Transient Rates.


Hospitality Softnet Catering Intelligence Briefs provide a recap of all pricing quoted by your hotel and the competitive set for a piece of catering business.

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