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Director of Sales Training

DOS Boot Camp by Experienced Hotel Sales Professionals

The success of the sales effort is greatly impacted by the leadership of the team. Our DOS Boot Camp Training is a comprehensive program that is ideal for both new and experienced Director of Sales. This two-day training provides very hands on tips, resources, and training to help ensure your DOS has the tools and knowledge to lead and supervise their team to be as productive as possible in their direct sales efforts.

It also addresses resources and tools to help the Directors be able to coach their team on using exceptional selling skills, as well as monitor the teams efforts and their sales results. Participants not only learn, but actively apply many of the skills in the classroom. Additionally, breakout sessions are incorporated and designed to share ideas and best practices.

Topics included in this program include:

• Establishing clear expectations
• Effective use of schedules
• Creating direct sales call goals
• Rating of Potential system
• Ramp-up of new employees and training on product knowledge
• Preferred Account Profile & Action Plans
• One-on-One Meetings
• Coaching skills
• Performance evaluations
• Action Plans
• Quarterly Update Meetings
• Monitoring true direct sales activities

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