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Reservations Sales Training

Professionally Facilitated Reservation Sales Training

A one day program, Hotel Reservation Sales Training is designed to improve the sales skills of Reservation Agents or GSA’s, teaching them to provide the highest level of customer service, while increasing revenues. Reservation and GSA Agents are responsible for booking and generating considerable revenues in transient room sales.

Selling is an important part of their job, and when properly trained, they will actively contribute to building repeat business and generating increased room revenues. This dynamic program also sets the stage for an improved hotel experience for all guests.

Reservation Sales Topics Include:


• Proper Telephone Etiquette
• Market Conditions and the Competition
• How to Effectively Qualify for Success
• Presenting the Rate
• Overcoming Price Resistance
• Proper Use of Fallback Rates
• Up-Selling
• Closing the Sale
• Recapping the Sale and Follow-up
• Cancellation Call

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