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Evaluate What the Competitive Set Offers for Negotiated Rates

Local Negotiated Rate Intelligence Briefs

Hospitality Softnet LNR Rate Intelligence Briefs are an excellent resource in learning how your hotel is positioned to the competitive set for Local Negotiated Transient Rates.

You can determine what competitors are contacted and what accounts rate our team will pose as. Calls are strategically placed to provide as accurate intelligence as possible.

Using these informative reports during market planning time, for new builds, and during times of negotiation with your customers, will help give you a competitive advantage.

Understand How the Competition Quotes Preferred Rates



Hospitality Softnet Group Rate Intelligence Briefs are a recap of group pricing for your hotel and the competitive set for a specific piece of business.


Hospitality Softnet Catering Intelligence Briefs provide a recap of all pricing quoted by your hotel and the competitive set for a piece of catering business.

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