Your hotel reservation agents and front desk personnel are busy handling hundreds of inquiries each year. Their ability to understand and properly use strong selling skills will greatly impact your room revenues and ADR.  

The Industry’s Leading Mystery Shopping Program Designed Exclusively for Hotel Reservations and Front Desk Personnel.

  Unmatched in the industry, Hospitality Softnet’s Reservations Mystery Shopping Program is the perfect complement to your existing sales training program, at a cost less than a typical room night. Our Mystery Reservation Shopping program is a valuable resource that provides detailed monitoring and feedback to ensure your reservations and front desk staff are selling effectively while maintaining the highest levels of quality assurance and customer service.   Hospitality Softnet’s Reservations Shop Reports are accurate and reliable, and may be customized to meet your specific needs. They provide detailed reporting on how well your reservations and front desk team are using the basic listening, selling and closing skills necessary to significantly impact your room revenues and ADR. These reports are also an excellent way to monitor and improve your yield management program.   Hospitality Softnet Mystery Shopping experts act as everyday customers in evaluating how effectively your team interacts with potential customers in a real-life reservation scenario. Reservations Mystery Shop reports provide detailed information on:
  • ✓ Greeting
  • ✓ Client Qualification
  • ✓ Presentation of Hotel and Rates
  • ✓ Handling Objections
  • ✓ Closing
  • ✓ Reservation Cancellation Calls
  Hospitality Softnet Mystery Shop Programs: Positive and effective, our family of industry proven Mystery Shop Programs are terrific way to fine-tune sales skills, and is the perfect complement to your ongoing sales training.  

To Learn More or to Arrange a Reservations Mystery Shop Demo Contact: Lisa Richards, Partner: or Call: 904-230-4568


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