As the recognized leader in Hotel Sales Training and Sales and Catering Mystery Shopper Test Calls, Hospitality Softnet is proud to announce the release of two new innovative training, learning and reporting tools for 2019.

Announcing Premier ProPoints and ProPoints

Designed to fine-tune individual selling skills and further enhance the ongoing training of your hotel and catering sales staff, these new test call reporting resources have a striking new look, and powerful embedded features and learning examples that can be downloaded directly from the report.


Premier ProPoints and ProPoints Innovative Report Features Include:

  • On-line Training Audios for each phase of the sales process.  If a sales team member did not score well in a particular area, they are able to hear examples from one of our professional coaches using sales skills effectively.  These audios are changed each month and will allow your staff to hear numerous real-world examples of effective sales techniques.
  • On-line Refresh Flip Book – These easy to use, informative flip books provide a brief overview of the skills being evaluated for each stage of the sales process. They are a great way to quickly review effective sales techniques and increase skills.
  • On-line Training Game – Provides a fun way to test the individuals comprehension of the skills recapped in the Flip Book and to reinforce the use of the skills being evaluated.

These downloadable training features are contained in each of the following Sales and Catering Test Call report categories:

  • Department Greeting
  • Qualification of Needs
  • Sales Presentation
  • Handling Objections
  • Attempt to Close
  • Professionalism and Follow-up

Premier ProPoints and ProPoints are an innovative new way to measure and reinforce the effective sales skills of your hotel and catering sales team. Both of these professional training formats will continue to provide the industry proven features that have made our Sales and Catering Mystery Shopper Test Calls a proven success for hoteliers worldwide.

To Learn More about Premier ProPoints or ProPoints, or to Arrange a Demo
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Hospitality Softnet Mystery Shopper services are an ideal way for hotels to monitor their selling efforts and to provide a valuable year-round training resource to their team. These adaptive programs work in conjunction with your standards and internal training efforts. Our Mystery Shopper Test Calls provide detailed monitoring of how your team sells and responds to incoming inquiries.


Hospitality Softnet offers industry proven Mystery Shopper Test Calls for:

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