Hospitality Softnet’s ListenIn, is aListen In Logo comprehensive Secret Shopping program designed exclusively for Hotel Reservations and Front Desk personnel.

ListenIn provides valuable monitoring and feedback to ensure that your entire Reservation Team is selling effectively and maintaining high levels of customer service. It shows and reports on how well your reservations and front desk staff are using the basic listening, selling and closing skills necessary to significantly impact your room revenues and ADR.

Unmatched in the industry, ListenIn Reservation Secret Shopping test calls, are also an excellent way to monitor and improve your yield management program, and is a perfect complement to your internal reservations training at a cost less than a typical room night.

ListenIn can be easily customized to meet your individual needs, and is a terrific way to see if your reservation agents and front desk team are attempting to get the best rates possible. Additionally, it will determine whether they are actively closing and properly selling booking guidelines for special event dates.

Using our years of hotel reservations and sales experience, our Reservations Secret Shopping experts act as everyday customers in evaluating how effectively your team interacts with potential customers in a real-life reservation scenario. Armed with realistic identities, our Mystery Shoppers can seamlessly accept return phone calls and have real email addresses and websites that match the organization who is contacting your hotel.

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Reservation and Front Desk Staff with Hospitality Softnet’s Hotel Reservation Sales Training

Our Reservation Sales Training is a one-day program designed to improve the skills of your Reservation Agents and Front Desk staff. It allows them to provide the highest level of customer service, while increasing your hotel revenues. When properly trained, your staff can actively contribute to building repeat business and generating increased room revenues.

Hospitality Softnet’s Hotel Reservation Sales Training includes role-playing and written exercises. It is also supported with audiotapes of interactions with actual reservation agents, illustrating real-life examples of the sales skills being discussed. This industry proven training program also helps set the stage for a great hotel experience for all your guests.

Topics Covered in this One-Day Reservation Sales Training Program Include:

  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Market Conditions and Competition
  • How to Effectively Qualify
  • Presenting the Rate
  • Overcoming Price Resistance
  • Use of Fallback Rates
  • Up Selling
  • Closing the Sale
  • Recapping the Sale

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Hospitality Softnet provides industry proven Online Sales Training, Hotel Secret Shopping and Hotel Intelligence services to clients worldwide.