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Catering Intelligence Briefs

Not only is it important to understand your competitive set’s pricing for group room business, it is also very beneficial to have a good analysis of how they quote and negotiate for catering business. We have a regular Catering Intelligence Brief as well as an Eastern Wedding Intelligence brief. The hotel can determine what competitors are contacted and the type of business the inquiry is for.

We then contact all properties with the inquiry and recap in a spreadsheet format all pricing and concessions offered. We will also object to pricing to provide insight as to how each property negotiates for a catering only piece of business. This brief will help you truly understand the competition and market conditions for specific time periods and types of business.

Understand Competitive Catering Pricing



Hospitality Softnet Group Rate Intelligence Briefs are a recap of group pricing for your hotel and the competitive set for a specific piece of business.


Hospitality Softnet LNR Rate Intelligence Briefs are an excellent resource in learning how your hotel is positioned to the competitive set for Local Negotiated Transient Rates.

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