In today’s competitive market, it is essential to provide outstanding Services and Accommodations to every customer. Hospitality Softnet’s On-Site Assessments, conducted by our experienced hotel professionals, will aid any hotel in achieving this goal. We offer comprehensive On-Site Assessments and detailed reporting in the following areas.

On-Site Service Standards Assessment

Our Service Standards Assessment is a customer service evaluation of your property’s services, standards, and facilities, performed covertly. We customize each assessment according to your property type: Full Service Resort, Full Service Hotel, or Limited Service Hotel. We also offer full evaluations for stand-alone Restaurants, Lounges, and Spas.

Our Assessment Reports are presented according to the specific departments within your hotel, and provide a true picture of your overall customer service. The reports are very detailed and robustly supported by photos where appropriate. Our assessment reports are easily converted into action plans, and include a “Red Flag” list, and an overall summary page.

Hotel Sales Department Audit and Review

Is your Hotel Sales Department meeting your expectations? The Sales Department Audit and Review is an excellent way to make sure that your sales efforts are generating the revenue you expect! Our detailed assessment process, reviews all aspects of the sales and catering departments including direct sales, deployment, yield, administration and management.

Our reports detail the status of your sales department direct sales efforts and transient revenue yield strategies. They furnish recommendations on which areas need to be addressed, and prioritize these important issues for you. Our reporting provides you with a working tool to ensure these vital departments are properly set up to carry out an aggressive and effective marketing effort.

On-Site Marketing Support

Many hotels receive extensive resources from the corporate office to help support and train your marketing personnel. However, there are times when the support is not readily available, yet the need still exists within your hotel. Hospitality Softnet’s On-Site Marketing Support services are personalized to your hotel’s specific needs. We work closely with your hotel in evaluating where assistance is needed, and can create a plan for on-site support to ensure all systems are in place to ensure an aggressive sales effort is taking place.

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