In today’s competitive hospitality market, accurate knowledge of your competition and current market conditions are critical to the success of your hotel. Hospitality Softnet offers a suite of industry proven intelligence gathering and reporting services designed ensure you have high-level insight on today’s market conditions and how your hotel is positioned within the competitive marketplace.


Our accurate and reliable competitive intelligence resources will help you know your market condition, keep you informed and help your business grow.



Fiches de renseignements sur les tarifs de groupe :

Hospitality Softnet Group Rate Intelligence Briefs est un récapitulatif des tarifs de groupe pour votre hôtel et de la concurrence pour un secteur d'activité spécifique.


You will determine the dates, type of inquiry, and competitive set to be investigated. We then shop the properties for the same piece of business and recap the prices quoted for room rates, room rentals, as well as starting breakfast, lunch, session and dinner pricing.


This will allow you to see how your hotel is positioned when customers are considering multiple options. Any concessions the competitive marketplace offers will also be outlined. Additionally, there is a Variance Report that helps you quickly determine how each property compares in all categories shopped.



Taux négocié localement Brèves d'intelligence :

Hospitality Softnet LNR Rate Intelligence Briefs are an excellent resource in learning how your hotel is positioned within the competitive marketplace for Local Negotiated Transient Rates.


You can determine what competitors are contacted and what accounts rate our team will pose as. Calls are strategically placed to provide the most accurate intelligence possible. Using these informative Negotiated Rate evaluation reports during market planning time, for new builds, and during times of negotiation with your customers, will help give you a competitive advantage.



Fiches d'information sur la restauration

Just as it is important to understand your competitive sets pricing for group room business, it is also important to have an accurate analysis of how they quote and negotiate their catering business.


Hospitality Softnet offer a regular Catering Intelligence Brief as well as an Eastern Wedding Intelligence brief. You can determine what competitors are contacted and the type of business the inquiry is for. We then contact the properties with the inquiry and recap all pricing and concessions offered in a spreadsheet format. We will also object to pricing to provide insight as to how each property negotiates for a catering only piece of business. This brief will help you truly understand the competition and market conditions for specific time periods and types of business.


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