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Over the past few weeks, we’ve all seen the headlines and heard of the major relief efforts related to Hurricane Harvey, which devastated the Houston area and Hurricane Irma that seriously impacted the entire State of Florida.

As a company, Hospitality Softnet has 42 associates whose lives were changed due to these terrible storms. We are very pleased to report that all of our team members and families are now safe and actively involved in short and long-term recovery efforts relating to the devastation.

The majority of our team living here in Florida was lucky in the sense that although there was damage to homes and significant clean up, there was no major damage. Downtown Jacksonville, St. Augustine and the Beaches suffered from hundred year flooding which also reached out to the suburban areas. There were many people left stranded in their homes or stuck while trying to escape the rising waters. By far, The Florida Keys and Southwest Florida were the targets of most of the serious damage in our State and it will take years for them to recover completely.

Nothing in Florida, however, could match the widespread devastation that occurred in Houston and a wide swath of the Texas coastline. Obviously, the pictures that were broadcast on TV were overwhelming; those of us who live in the Houston area confirmed that those pictures were a true representation of the widespread destruction that happened there.

Thousands of people lost significant personal property in these hurricanes. As a company, we are deeply moved by this and many of our unaffected associates in other parts of the country wanted to do something helpful. We are very proud to say that many of these caring associates collected lightly used clothing, toys, and other household items, boxed them up, and sent them to relief centers in Texas to be distributed to others in this time of need. The response from these individuals was impressive and immediate. It speaks to their personal kindness and our organization is very proud of them.

 Thank you Hospitality Softnet Clients:

We also want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our many client hotels that graciously opened their doors to locally displaced residents in need. Offering rooms, lobbies, and convention space, many of our clients gave true meaning to the word “Hospitality” by generously provided food and drink, shelter, and any other comforts that they could provide. Thank you all.

 If you would like to Help, it’s not too late!

Please send your useful non-perishable items to:
WoodsEdge Community Church
25333 Gosling Road
Spring, TX; 77389
Sponsored by: Melissa Mittelhauser

Thanks everyone for caring and donating items. Hospitality Softnet, is lucky to be associated with kind people like you…You are very much appreciated! Lisa and Gary Richards