Hospitality Softnet provides a full array of leading edge sales training programs to hoteliers worldwide. To keep our industry leading programs fresh, we constantly updating our sales training curriculum to accurately reflect today?s ever changing marketplace. Specifically designed for the hospitality industry, we offer up-to-date sales training programs that allow your staff to easily absorb all aspects of a successful sales process by using current terminology and examples pertinent to today’s hotel sales environment.

“We make learning fun.” Our professional sales instructors have extensive hotel sales backgrounds enabling us to deliver exceptional ROI and customized services to our clients worldwide

Hotel Sales Process 101 – On-Site Training:

This hotel sales and catering training program is an excellent way to train new sales personnel and to improve the basic skills of your existing sales staff. Perfect for face-to-face and telephone sales, Hotel Sales Process 101 places special emphasis on handling telephone and internet inquiries. The program incorporates real-life role-playing examples, including audio samples for the skill-sets being taught.

On-Site Hotel Sales Process 101 focuses on the basic steps of the hotel sales process including:

  • Preparing for the Sales Call
  • The Introduction
  • Qualifying the Sale
  • Sales Presentation
  • Sales Negotiating
  • Closing the Sale
  • Sales Post-Call Follow-up

Hotel Sales Process 102 – On-Site Training:

The next level of sales training is our 2-day on-site Hotel Sales Process 102 training program. This program is designed for the more advanced sales effort in which the manager is actually dealing face-to-face with a prospect.

This powerful skills building program begins with the very first step of the sales cycle and addresses the skills of effective prospecting by telephone. We then move into establishing a personal appointment to better qualify and present to the customer. This program provides the foundation for creating an outstanding presentation that will allow you to outsell your competition. Additional topics include, adapting to the customer’s particular style utilizing the DiSC method, as well as selling against the competition strategies.

Hotel Sales Process Training 101 and 102 have received fantastic industry-wide reviews for their ability to teach basic and advanced selling techniques and for providing a solid foundation for an aggressive sales effort.

Hotel Reservation Sales – On-Site Training:

A one-day program, our Reservation Sales Training is designed to improve the skills of your Reservation Agents, teaching them to provide the highest level of customer service, while increasing the revenues of your hotel.

Although Reservation Agents may not be called “Sales Managers”, they are responsible for booking and generating considerable revenues in transient room sales. Selling is a very important part of their job, and when properly trained, they can actively contribute to building repeat business and generating increased room revenues. Our Hotel Reservations Training program also helps set the stage for an improved hotel experience for all guests.

Our Hotel Reservation Sales Training is supported with live calls with actual reservation agents to illustrate real-life examples of the sales skills being discussed. Role-playing and written exercises are also a part of this program. Additional topics include:

  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Market Conditions and Competition
  • How to Effectively Qualify
  • Presenting the Rate
  • Overcoming Price Resistance
  • Use of Fallback Rates
  • Up Selling
  • Closing the Sale
  • Recapping the Sale

Director of Sales Boot Camp Training:

Our Director of Sales Boot Camp plays a critical role in ensuring the sales effort stays on target and meets the budget and revenue goals of your hotel. This program has proven to be particularly effective as a resource, helping to ensure your Director of Sales will be successful in managing the team and overall sales efforts. It has also proven to be a wonderful tool for top sales people who have recently been promoted to the Director position.

One-on-One Telephone Coaching Calls:

Our Telephone Call Training is a very cost effective means of providing additional training and support to your sales, catering, and reservations teams. These calls are designed to address the training of individuals or the entire team. Topics including:

  • The Sales Process
  • The Reservation Sales Process
  • Effective Qualifying
  • Presentations
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Closing the Sale
  • Prospecting
  • Upselling
  • Selling Against the Competition
  • Getting Through the Gatekeeper and Selling to Vito
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Making the Most of Your Shopping Program
  • Overview of the Reservation Process

Conference Call Training Sessions:

This program is an excellent way to ensure that your team receives ongoing training or a follow-up to any of the above training programs. Conference Call Training may be scheduled on an as needed basis or as a regularly scheduled monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly session providing personalized support and ongoing sales training.

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