Leading the industry with innovation, Hospitality Softnet offers a number of online sales training modules designed exclusively for worldwide hoteliers and their professional staff. theCampus online sales training will teach your sales, catering and reservations team the important elements of sales prospecting, effective client communications, overcoming objections, selling to niche markets, and closing the sale.


Online Hotel Sales TrainingThese dynamic online training modules allow your staff to learn at their own pace, quickly relate to the subject matter, and easily absorb the necessary skills from initial contact to closing the sale. Each online training course incorporates engaging learning materials, proven learning methods and employ real world terminology and examples pertinent to today’s hotel sales environment.


Hospitality Softnet online hotel training programs are developed by experienced hotel sales professionals, and are available from any connected device – anytime – anywhere.

Online Hotel Sales Training Programs:

  • Online Hotel Training to Prepare for the Call and Effective Greeting Skills:

    Create a highly effective foundation for successful sales calls and proper handling of incoming inquiries. This online sales training course gives your team a good foundation to get the sales call off to a great start and set the stage for a successful close.

  • Online Hotel Training to Develop Effective Qualifying Skills:

    Proper qualifying skills are critical in presenting and selling to the customer’s needs. This online sales training course is made up of 3 separate lessons covering all the skills needed to effectively qualify the customer. It also sets the stage and explains the skills needed to tailor an outstanding sales presentation.

  • Online Hotel Training to Develop Effective Presentation Skills:

    In order to convince a customer to buy, they need to be sold on why they should choose your property over your competitor. This online sales training course is made up of 3 separate lessons and covers all the skills of presenting the hotel and amenities to prospective customers.

  • Online Hotel Training to Effectively Close Skills:

    Without strong closing skills you probably won’t win the business. This online sales course is made up of 3 separate lessons and covers all the skills required to effectively close a sale. It discusses when to close, how to recognize different buy signals and styles of active closing techniques.

  • Online Hotel Training to Overcome Objections and Win the Sale:

    Developing the ability to successfully overcome objections is essential in order to avoid losing business. This online sales training course is made up of 3 separate lessons and covers all the skills necessary to respond effectively and overcome objections.

  • Online Hotel Training for Effective Reservations Skills to Help Close the Sale:

    This comprehensive course will help the Reservations and Front Desk Team to affectively engage with incoming reservation inquiries. This course reviews the power of using a customer’s name, as well as the importance of your tone of voice. It covers all the steps of an effective reservation sales process. After completing this online training your staff will have a detailed knowledge of handling incoming reservation inquiries to increase closure rates and revenues.

  • Online Hotel Training for Effective Selling to the Eastern Wedding Market:

    Made up of 3 lessons, this module will educate your staff on the special nuances of selling to an Indian, Hindu, Sikh, and Muslim wedding market. This online sales training module includes terminology, customs of sects, various traditions, ceremonies and specific tips related to food and beverage.

  • Online Hotel Training for Selling to the Jewish Market:

    This course consists of 3 lessons. Using this online sales training module you will learn about the customs and traditions for the Jewish wedding market including the details of the pre-ceremony celebrations and different vocabulary needed during the sales process.

  • Online Hotel Training to Sell Against the Competition:

    This 3 lesson course will give the sales team the necessary tools to effectively sell against the competition. This online sales training course also discusses being prepared, developing and implementing strategies, knowing the details of your property and competitor products.

  • Online Hotel Training for Effective Prospecting – Digging for Gold:

    This module covers all the aspects of setting the stage for a successful prospecting effort, its implementation and tracking of results. It will fully prepare your hotels sales staff to have great prospecting skills. We discuss how to deal with common obstacles, call reluctance, getting through the gatekeeper, voicemail and much more.

  • Online Hotel Training for Using LinkedIn as a Sales Resource:

    This course is designed to educate your team on how to set up and use LinkedIn in an effective manner to get results. It provides insight on writing an effective profile, how to build a good network, the importance of the second and third degree connections, how to use your network to generate leads and to properly use a company page.

  • Online Hotel Training to Develop Time Management Skills and Strategies for Success:

    In this course you will learn how to have strong time management and organizational skills. You will gain insight on self-evaluation and establishing personal goals. The course reviews common time-wasters and how to avoid them, how to create and utilize an effective schedule to gain positive results, organizational tips to maximize selling efforts, how to create a Plan-of-Action and utilize a To-Do-Lists.

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