The Industries Leading Secret Shopping Tools For Hotel Reservations

Hospitality Softnet’s ListenIn provides industry proven “Mystery Shopper” feedback that successfully measures your entire Reservation Teams ability to sell effectively while maintaining high levels of customer service.

With your agents and desk clerks handling hundreds of inquiries over the course of the year, ListenIn gives you the ability to properly evaluate how well your reservations team understand and use the basic selling skills that so greatly impact room revenues and ADR.

ListenIn is also an excellent way to monitor and improve your yield management program and will determine if your reservation agents and front desk staff are trying to book the best rates possible. Additionally, ListenIn will determine whether they are actively closing and properly selling booking guidelines for special event dates.

All Hospitality Softnet secret shopping for reservations calls are conducted by experienced hotel professionals. To ensure real-world reservation inquiries, our Mystery Shoppers have the ability to pose as realistic customers in any market segment. ListenIn Reports will provide you with valuable feedback that properly analyzes and identifies what is working well, and clearly states the areas needing improvement.

ListenIn can be easily customized to meet your individual reservation secret shopping needs.

Comprehensive Hotel Training Programs

Hospitality Softnet offers a number of dynamic hotel sales training programs all written specifically for the hospitality industry. Our professional training programs employ terminology and examples pertinent in today’s hotel sales environment. This allows your team to relate to the subject matter and easily absorb the important skills being presented.

Hotel Sales Training Programs:

  • On-Site Sales and Catering Training 101
  • On-Site Sales and Catering Training 102
  • Director of Sales One on One Training
  • Hotel Reservations Sales Training
  • One on One Telephone Coaching Calls

Professional Training Series & Sales Shopping Reports:

Our most popular option, this series is ideal for hotels who wish to not only monitor their sales and catering team’s selling efforts, but also want to provide them with a proven year-round training resource.

The Professional Training Series works in conjunction with your standards and with any of your internal training efforts to ensure your investment in your team pays off. It will help monitor in detail how your team sells and responds to incoming inquiries, whether via phone or via the internet.

Not just a monitoring tool. It is also a resource that provides additional training support throughout the year. Rarely do sales managers learn and apply 100% of their training provided by the hotel. The reports in this series help continue to train and support your training efforts. It is also not uncommon for a sales person to have strengths, as well as areas of opportunity where they need to further develop their selling skills.

This powerful training series works to monitor and improve existing sales skills and will help you to outsell the competition.

For more information on “Reservation Secret Shopper or our family of Hotel Training Programs” – Contact: Gary Richards, Partner – or call: 904-230-4568

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