Hospitality Softnet’s Teleprospecting Services, the Team, provides a valuable complement to your existing direct sales efforts. Designed to generate maximum sales, theTeam is a cost-effective way to ensure that an aggressive teleprospecting effort is in place for your hotel property. Our well planned and executed prospecting calls are made by our highly skilled hotel sales professionals who are well versed in the nuances of selling your hotel and its varied services. To supplement your existing sales efforts and to allow your staff to focus on highly qualified leads, our proven hospitality teleprospecting services may be used for ongoing, qualified lead generation.

the Team – Provides Increased Sales Results to National and International Hotel Brands utilizing market research

We provide teleprospecting services throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, as well as a growing number of non-English speaking countries including Germany, Poland, Russia, Italy, France, Turkey, Romania, Panama, India, and the Middle East.

Hospitality Softnet addresses the unique requirements of our international clients by providing a team of seasoned sales professionals who are not only fluent in the language and culture of the host country, but also knows how to best present and sell your hotels and services in a highly effective manner.

Utilize theTeam to:Teleprospecting Services - theTeam - by Hospitality Softnet


  • Help kick-start the sales effort during pre-opening.
  • Ensure an ongoing teleprospecting effort producing qualified leads for your sales team.
  • Update existing account files and generate new business.
  • Kick off a new promotion or new property.
  • Maintain a sales effort during times of staff turnover to minimize costly down time.
  • Ensure that important lead sources are not overlooked due to lack of available manpower.

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