To ensure your sales team is providing top-notch service to customers, Hospitality Softnet offers a variety of industry proven Mystery Shopping services to improve sales skills and increase the bottom line.

Using their hospitality sales experience, our Mystery Shoppers act as everyday customers and evaluate how effectively your team interacts with potential customers in a real-life selling scenario. Armed with realistic identities, our Mystery Shoppers can seamlessly accept return phone calls and have real email addresses and websites with actual domain names that match the organization who is contacting your hotel.

Unmatched in the industry, our Mystery Shopping programs are a terrific complement to your own ongoing sales training and they cost less than a typical room night.

Hospitality Softnet’s Mystery Shopper for Hotel Sales and Catering Teams

Specifically created to evaluate the sales skills of your Sales and Catering teams, we offer two program options to help you monitor how well your incoming telephone and internet inquiries are being handled.

The Professional Training Series is one of our most popular programs. This series allows hotels to monitor the overall sales skills effectiveness of their Sales and Catering teams and provides a dynamic year-round training resource to the entire team. The Professional Training Series works in conjunction with your hotel’s standards and with any of your internal training efforts. It also provides detailed monitoring and two reporting options to see how your team is responding to both phone and internet inquiries.

All Mystery Shopper calls and reports are completed by seasoned veterans who truly understand hotel sales and thus provide excellent one-on-one coaching and training feedback.

The Professional Feedback Series was created to monitor how effectively hotel Sales and Catering Teams are selling and relating to phone and internet inquiries from the customer’s perspective.

The Professional Feedback Series is an incredibly cost effective option that won’t sacrifice quality of service. It features two different report options that can be easily customized to ensure they effectively monitor the skills you have established as your standard, while at the same time reinforcing the sales expectations you have established for individuals and the team.

Mystery Shopper for Hotel Reservations

Agents and desk clerks handle hundreds of inquiries over the course of the year and how well they understand and use basic selling skills will greatly impact room revenues and ADR.

Hospitality Softnet’s ListenIn provides a tool and valuable feedback to ensure that your Reservation Team is selling effectively and maintaining high levels of customer service. It is also an excellent way to monitor and improve your yield management program. ListenIn is a great way to see if your reservation agents and front desk staff are trying to get the best rates possible. Additionally, it will determine whether they are actively closing and properly selling booking guidelines for special event dates.

ListenIn can be customized to meet your individual needs.

For more information on Mystery Shopper – Contact: Lisa Richards, Partner – or call: 617-854-6554