In today’s competitive market it’s essential to provide outstanding services and accommodations to each customer…every day. Hospitality Softnet’s On-Site Assessments are conducted by our experienced hotel professionals and will aid your hotel in achieving this goal. We offer comprehensive On-Site Assessments and detailed reporting in the following areas.



Hotel service standards assessment for quality assurance:

Hospitality Softnet’s Service Standards Assessment is a comprehensive customer service assessment designed to evaluate and report on your hotels overall services, operational standards, and facilities. These assessments are specialized per AAA Diamond Standards according to the type of property: Full Service Resort, Full Service Hotel, or Limited Service Hotel. We also offer detailed evaluations for stand-alone Restaurants, Lounges, and Spas.


Our Service Standard Assessments provide comprehensive reporting on individual hotel departments, that when combined, make up a comprehensive customer service assessment of your entire property. Our reports are extremely detailed and supported with hundreds of photographs where appropriate. In addition, these reports also include a Red Flag list, and overall summary page that can be easily converted into an effective action plan.



Hotel sales department audit review and needs assessment:

Is your Hotel Sales Department meeting your expectations? The Hospitality Softnet Sales Department Audit and Review is an excellent way to insure that you have an aggressive sales effort that’s effective and staying on track!


Hospitality Softnet conducts comprehensive reviews for each aspect of your hotel sales and catering departments including direct sales, deployment, yield, administration and management. Our comprehensive reports deliver recommendations on which areas need to be addressed, and prioritizes these issues for you. These valuable reports will provide you with a working tool to ensure these important departments are set up and operating appropriately to carry out an aggressive and effective marketing effort.



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