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Self-Training Guides for Hotel Sales, Catering and Reservations

There are two different packages available. One is for Sales and Catering Managers and another for Reservation Sales Agents. These packages include a Sales Training Guide that details the steps of the selling process such as: introductions, qualifying, presentation, handling objections, closing, and effective follow-up.

There are also written exercises to help the participant apply what they have learned. Modules are supported with CD Audios of real-life situations, illustrating the selling skills reviewed. To facilitate the learning process, participants can actually listen to individuals using excellent selling skills and the modules are then recapped with a Self-Quiz.

The Hotel Sales Training Guide for Sales and Catering Managers also includes modules on Knowing your Product and Competition, as well as Post Call Follow-up and Motivation Through Goal Setting. These sales training guides are a great first step for new staff, as well as an ideal refresher for seasoned team members. The guides can also help prepare your team for participation in our Quality Assurance Mystery Shopping Programs.

This Self-Training Guide is more than just a training manual. The package also includes a Mouse Pad, Screen Tips and the Sample Calls on a CD. The use of these hospitality sales training guides are a cost-effective means to provide additional support and ongoing training to your team ensuring that they have the tools at hand to successfully sell your hotel.

Instructional Mouse Pads

Once trained, the next step is too actively and consistently, use the skills learned. The Instructional Mouse Pad is another cost-effective means of providing a visual training tool to your entire team. The Pad features the steps of the Selling Process and serves as a reminder to consistently use good selling skills. There is a mouse pad geared toward Sales and Catering and one geared toward Reservations sales.

Instructional Screen Tips

Our Screen Tips easily fits around your computer monitor and is a strong visual aid in recapping the basic steps of the sales process. They serve as a constant reminder to use good selling skills and are also an excellent resource for employees participating in our Quality Assurance Shopping Program.



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